Sundargarh Education Society


SES envisages a knowledge-driven society which is free from hunger, disease, ignorance and exploitation; a society based on equity, justice and respect for human rights.



  • Quality education and healthcare for all children.
  • Regeneration of people’s power through knowledge and skill development

Esteemed Friends & Well-wishers,

Greetings from SES !

We are often asked how many schools SES is running? None, we say. The only schools that SES is supporting, the high school at Ledhimang and the primary school at Kainsara, are actually run by the local community. They have arranged for the land and buildings; they are generating own resources for regular expenses. In NGO parlance, we are only the facilitators.

SES does not believe in starting alternative new schools. There are government schools almost in every locality. If need be, more will be opened. Public resources are invested in those schools. Our only motto is to make the existing schools deliver what they are meant to deliver, namely, quality education. Unfortunately, in the present context even this minimum reasonable expectation looks like asking for the sky.

OK, then, can SES do it, that is, make the sarkari schools functional? No, but YOU can. The citizens can. An all-round collective effort is necessary to make quality education available and accessible to all children. Of course, there is the Right to Education Act-2009 which, despite all its shortcomings, offers a ray of hope. But a law is as good as its implementation. And we can together play a significant role in ensuring its effective implementation.

SES, therefore, calls upon all Panchayat leaders, School Management Committee Members, Community Based Organisations and in fact all public-spirited individuals to come forward and join hands in the interest of our children. Let us make our families, villages and Panchayats ideal places for children to grow up.

Sundargarh Education Society is solidly with YOU, all the way !

                                                                                                                                                              Janmejoy Patel

                                                                                                                                                              President, SES

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